Project Description

Betty Garden

We have been servicing this garden fortnightly since November 2010. Total maintenance time is 12hrs over a period of two days. The lawns are mowed, and maintenance is done according to a specialized scope of works which is drawn up in colaboration with the client, as she loves to be involved in the maintenance and development of the garden.

Key features of this garden are as follows:

  • Large trees, for example Yellowwoods, which contributes to the visual beauty of this garden
  • Streams flowing down through the garden from the Diepriver. Established plants controls erosion of the
  • Reptile and bird populations.
  • Various micro biomes and plant communities
  • Easy access to all areas of the garden
  • Effective lawn edging
  • Effective slope retention
  • Irrigation adjusted to service different water needs of planting zones
  • Visibility of garden from living areas of the house
  • Mountain views
  • Continuous development of hardlandscape and planting structure of the garden

Timeline of developmental work:

  • NOVEMBER 2010
    First general maintenance and major cleanup according to standard scope of works
  • MARCH 2011
    Planting and espalier of Apple trees against house and cobble edging of some bed areas
  • OCTOBER 2012
    Installation of metal edging around lawn and building of bark and pole pathways
  • JUNE 2013
    Retaining the stream bed with river boulders and stone
  • APRIL 2014
    Design and revamp of Atrium area and addition of new Proteacea