Project Description

French Petit

This tiny garden was on a tight budget. The client asked for a low maintenance, minimalistic garden with cleaver touches and a place to sit and read or have a cup of coffee. We drew inspiration from the French garden style which our client is fond of.

The garden barely had existing plants. Two existing water pear trees (Syzigium guineense), on each corner, balanced the garden on the main bedroom side. We added formal low hedges to frame the greenery in the back ground and 2 small benches which allows one to sit and relax inside the garden beds while looking back towards the house.

Along the side leading to the garage we created a beautiful French inspired parterre made of white stone and light grey gravel. The lighter colours of the stone and gravel brightens up in this dark, narrow alley and creates a sense of space. One more bench was added here. Each bench provides its own unique interaction with the garden.