Project Description

Hatt Garden

This dated garden, on the verge, needed a makeover after the mess caused form the borehole installation.  As with most open front gardens the garden needed to make a bold statement compared to a private garden which is more functional. Also considering water restrictions and the harsh site conditions the garden needed to be tough and low maintenance.

The garden gets hammered by the prevailing wind and as a result the large fever tree messes in the pool behind the boundary wall so it was decided to drastically shaped the tree to help alleviate the problem. The existing galvanized  rim pots,  floating pebble art and a sculptural tree stump needed to be reincorporated in the design.

We decided to use strong bold lines of hedges running parallel across ,echoing the lines of the house. The light grey gravel compliments the colour scheme of the house while making the plants appear crisp. We installed metal frames (resembling a rib cage) over the hedges as a feature and a guide to help when it is time for shaping.