Project Description

Informal Formality – Gates Garden

This garden with its dilapidated lawn and an informally paved path had plenty of potential. The brief was to create a fragrant floral indigenous/ water wise garden with a play area that could be viewed from the patio. The client really wanted a tree for her kids to climb so the existing Brazilian Pepper was cleaned out and is now perfect for climbing. We also planted a 100L Wild Pear tree for future climbing.

The client preferred spiral and curved shapes, however after a couple of concept ideas we decided that straight lines worked best with this Victorian style house and existing space. We constructed a broad charcoal concrete pathway that escorts visitors from the pedestrian gate to the patio. Fragrant ground covers slice through the pathway, creating various size rectangles. This visually links both sides of the garden and blurs the formal lines of the pathway.

A view of Table Mountain and the calming sound of bubbling water, from the pond ,can be enjoyed from under the new pergola .In time the pergola will be softened with beautiful Wisteria climbers.

We constructed new steps to allow people to navigate from the driveway to the patio and not across the lawn. The client specifically wanted to block people from cutting across the bed onto the lawn and vice versa, creating two separate rooms.

We decided on an informal style of planting ,mostly indigenous with lots of flowers and fragrance, aimed to enchant and surprise the user around every corner. Deciduous trees were planted for two reasons: as focal points and to cool the garden down in the hot summer months. Larger shrubs screen the pedestrian gate and driveway sliding gate from the patio.

For a small garden like this a grey water system was the perfect choice. In the future the pond could easily be transformed into a wetland to purify the grey water and store it for later use (especially in the winter months).