Project Description

On the verge of restrictions

What do you dish up when your client orders a striking low maintenance garden during water restrictions in mid-summer? Then river boulders, hardy ornamental grasses and succulents are on the menu.

This sandy verge contained one established fever tree. The client needed two extra parking bays plus a path to the back garden gate. We also had to keep in mind that the estate has a strict approved plant list.

So, exercising restraint we chose only three plant species. One extra fever tree (Vachellia xanthophloea) was added on the opposite corner for balance. Spekboom hedges were chosen to frame off-set linear lines of swaying ornamental grasses in order to create a showy contemporary, water-wise entrance garden. Firestick plants (Euphorbia tirucalli), dotted in between, adds their own flavour of interest and colour. Once established these tough plants require little water.

The bulky, smooth river boulders adds contrast and hardly needs maintenance. To reduce the effects of water evaporation on this windy site we installed a drip irrigation system which is connected to the existing well point.