Project Description

Van Almenkerk Garden

In May 2007 Mrs and Dr Van Almenkerk (a retired GP) from Pretoria made the big move to the idyllic town of Darling in the Western Cape. When they bought the house in 2002, the garden was in a shocking state, but the house was newly built.

The couple had accumulated a number of Cycads while living in Pretoria and wanted them relocated to Darling, especially their valuable grey cycads. They took a chance because the local botanist advised them against the move, saying that the wind would uproot the trees. He was right in a way, the smaller trees did uproot but were replanted and have grown beautifully. They also brought a sculpture depicting a golf ball (designed by Anton Smit for a golf course in Pretoria, which they then found too small for their tastes) with them from their Pretoria home.

The Van Almenkerks wanted to retain their gorgeous view of the town of Darling, so we had to be precise in our placement of both the Cycads and the gorgeous modern statue that they decided on. The theme of the garden was prehistoric since the main characters were the Cycads. The rest of the plants were chosen based on this interesting theme.