Project Description

Van Wyk Garden

Stage 1: Cleanup:
The entire area need to be cut back and cleaned. The clients were very disheartened and believed that the soil was dead and that nothing would grow there. The lawn they had planted in the past had died and they thought that the earth had no nutritional value left. We started with removing all the alien trees and opening up some trees in the back yard allow the grass to grow. We recycled the alien plants by putting them through a chipper and using it as mulch for the garden. Green is great!

Stage 2: Design
Once the grounds were cleared, Stephen started with the design. There had to be two designs, one was the Master Plan that included future renovations and the second was a Temporary plan that we could start off with. The brief from the owner was that the front garden had to be a Fynbos garden with lawn areas for dogs and kids to play. The front garden had to be leveled, since it ran against a slope. The owner also wanted to build a wall later to make the property more private. They also wanted future access between the front and back garden. For the back garden, the owner wanted a deck seating area around the existing wild Fig, large lawn space with a play area for his children. There were some issues to work around, the ground was not level which meant that stairs had to be part of the design in order to connect the patio with the lawn.

Stage 3: Earthworks
This was the biggest stage. Retaining walls had to be built as well as the steps that connected the patio with the lawn. The lawn area had to be levelled. We obtained the help of a skilled Bobcat driver and worked 50 m3 of topsoil and 35m3 of mushroom compost into the ground.Irrigation was also installed and all the beds received mulching. No plants were planted, only grass.

Stage 4: Cobble Edging
Lastly, we installed cobble edging to nicely round it off. The next stage will be plants, cant wait…