A Minor Facelift

Sometimes the smallest changes can make a huge difference. Double pole edging frames the beds & help to retain the soil. The neutral coloured timber poles blends in with the mix of existing hard surfaces. Tropical style plants will over time create a lush jungle look. […]


Office Pool Conversion

Since reading an article on organic pools, I have been switched on to the possibility of creating the equivalent of a natural mountain pool with fresh drinkable water in my own back yard. No more harmful chlorine which kills everything else that ends up in the pool, but rather a fresh water haven teeming with […]


French Formal Gardens – A how to guide

According to Wikipedia, the French formal garden, also called the jardin à la française (literally, “garden in the French manner” in French), is a style of garden based on symmetry and the principle of imposing order on nature. Its epitome is generally considered to be the Gardens of Versailles designed during the 17th century by […]


Grey Water Installation

As we watched helplessly how our office garden slowly faded away, we decided to take action and install our own grey water recycling system. We were motivated to get this right so we could help our clients do the same.

At first we were skeptical, but  after we did some research we decided to go for […]


Giving Back

For Mandela Day 2014, we started revamping Blue Mountains Primary school outside Durbanville on the Vissershok Road as an on-going project. This is part of our 67 Minutes to help build a better South Africa and make a difference in the lives of the children and staff of the school. Click here to see the […]