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Van der Vyver

Van der Vyver   I appreciate the level of plant knowledge and the ability to make recommendations based on estate restrictions, weather and placement.  I also commend your team on their professional regards for my property, privacy and time. - Amelia Van der Vyver


Houben Thank you Stephen for a beautiful design, we are very happy and the transformation changed our back and side garden completely.  Stephen understood what we wanted, had a vision and designed a garden that will give us many years of joy.  He made use of water wise and indigenous plants beautifully spaced and laid [...]





Van Zyl-Gous

Van Zyl-Gous

Tuscan Villa

Tuscan Villa Originally this Bishopscourt, Tuscan Villa style house with its lazy sun drenched patios consisted of a large sloping lawn. Multiple themed terraces were designed which included fragrance ,grasses, fynbos , water features and an orchid. The top formal garden with its strong lines ,clipped hedges and large urns anchors the house. The garden [...]


Hatt GardenThis dated garden, on the verge, needed a makeover after the mess caused form the borehole installation.  As with most open front gardens the garden needed to make a bold statement compared to a private garden which is more functional. Also considering water restrictions and the harsh site conditions the garden needed to be [...]


Poole GardenA garden with two different sides (Jekyll and Hyde). A Fynbos garden and a Forest garden with a stream and two ponds dissecting the two halves. We added some bulky back ground shrubs , ferns and flowering perennials to spice up this lovely established garden. Watch this space…

On the verge of restrictions

On the verge of restrictionsWhat do you dish up when your client orders a striking low maintenance garden during water restrictions in mid-summer? Then river boulders, hardy ornamental grasses and succulents are on the menu. This sandy verge contained one established fever tree. The client needed two extra parking bays plus a path to the [...]

Eastern Fusion Garden

Eastern Fusion GardenThe brief was to create a water wise garden with intimate, peaceful spaces for meditation and an area for casual entertainment in a Japanese style.  Our client loves entertaining friends & family while cooking. One of her favourite camping destinations is the Skeleton Coast, where she enjoys relaxing around a fire while stargazing. [...]

Elkanah School

Elkanah Preparatory School GardenWe were commissioned by the Architect to do the soft landscaping around the new class rooms of the Elkanah Preparatory School in Sunningdale. The original gardens mainly consisted of thirsty lawn areas. Our brief was to transform the areas into functional, educational and interactive areas which had to be low on water [...]


Luck GardenThis garden was once a dismal blank patch in an urban space. Being barren and sandy with a low organic content, subject to coastal winds which make garden establishment difficult if ignored, and the dull flat surface meant that this space really didn’t have very much going for it. Today it is a beautiful [...]


Betty GardenWe have been servicing this garden fortnightly since November 2010. Total maintenance time is 12hrs over a period of two days. The lawns are mowed, and maintenance is done according to a specialized scope of works which is drawn up in colaboration with the client, as she loves to be involved in the maintenance [...]

Big Bay

Big Bay GardenThis small garden in the gorgeous suburb of Big Bay in the Western Cape packs a big punch! By using railway sleepers, tree ringpavers, cobblestones and indigenous plants, this simplistic yet stylish design is low maintenance while still being beautiful. It is divided into three distinctive areas: Seating area with fire pit overlooking [...]

Horace’s Garden

Horace's Garden Dogs are like engineers – they like to get from A to B via the most direct route possible; but dogs are usually in a lot more of a rush to go where they are headed. They have no care for what’s in the way; so your precious new plant will eventually bow [...]


Ramakhula GardenThis food garden was an exiting project for us.


Mitchell GardenMetropical garden Situated in a sandy and windy suburb of Cape Town, this medium sized garden posed a couple of challenges. A year ago, the clients paid a landscaper to install their dream garden. Unfortunately, most of the plants died. Our brief was to create a tropical style garden that would actually survive. The [...]


Vivier GardenWe love this stylish garden.


Nel GardenThis is the gorgeous Nel Garden winner of a prestigious SALI silver award of Excellence.


Huet GardenThis was one of our favourite projects.


Essop GardenThe Essop Garden project.

De Klerk

De Klerk GardenThis is the De Klerk Garden.